Ways to Relieve Business-Related Stress

Ways to Relieve Business-Related Stress

Entrepreneurs involved in business startups, whether in Toronto or elsewhere, can face uniquely high levels of stress. Common work-based stress indicators are lack of energy, focus, excessive worry, and diminished creativity. In addition, these symptoms can harm productivity through a high turnover rate, create change in personalities and attitudes, and deteriorate office relationships. 

Prevent Excessive Stress by Implementing Self-Care

One of the more effective self-care methods for success for startups or businesses is getting quality sleep to restore the body and mind. Good sleep will strengthen the immune system and improve our brain functioning. In addition, journaling is an excellent way to prioritize your goals and identify non-productive emotions. One method to try is to write two columns in your journal. One column is where you list your fears, and the other is where you list your strengths for how to overcome the fear. Also, spend a small part of your days outdoors to clear your head and rest from the workplace and help prevent you from working non-stop.

Learn to Say "No" — Being Assertive Reduces Anxiety

New business owners may not know how to say no to demands. Sometimes you need to be strong and learn to set boundaries regarding your time and resources. If you have a hard time saying no, communicate clearly, observe good posture and face your colleague to let them know you are listening but may say no. Understand whether you are saying no is out of fear or not, and listen to the other side. Remain respectful and calm. Take strides to resolve conflicts at the onset so they don't escalate.

Optimize Time Management

Train your mind to focus on work with little rewards in the middle of the workday. Being focused helps you work faster and effectively. Awarding yourself with breaks between larger slots of work duties will get you into the habit of this productivity-boosting practice. In addition, you must take time for play by scheduling a few hours of "me" time after work. Finally, startup or not, remind yourself why you established your business, your dreams for it, and how it grows beyond you when you retire.

Doing Everything Fosters Stress and Anxiety

You can reduce stress by delegating lesser duties to your staff or outsourcing these tasks to a virtual assistant. They do typical administrative responsibilities and other things like social media management. The costs of this service are worthwhile because you can focus on the higher functions imperative to your business. 

Automation Software Can Alleviate Stress and Anxiety

Try automated invoicing software to help optimize time and streamline operations to save time and reduce errors. Most invoicing software standard functions allow customers to receive their bill electronically and pay it promptly. In addition, the software sends alerts on when customers view it or the customer submits payment. Typically, invoices are recurring payments, and the software will have a function to create a schedule to send the invoices. Finally, look for a smallbiz invoicing solution that integrates with your accounting software.

Understanding Stress Improves the Workplace

By following these tips, you can reduce the stress and anxiety that you face as an entrepreneur. For access to journals and other items that can help you relax, visit the Toronto-based M&K Creative Designs.


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